All ResC-EWE partners complete the pilot test training

02 March 2021

RescEWE partners (Spain, Poland, Greece and Finland) have already completed the first phase of the project’s pilot test, Denmark is finishing the 8th of March. Partners have developed several training sessions with entrepreneurs, students and mentors interested in deepening business resilience.

At the different training sessions, the objectives of the project were presented as well as planning, prevention, and planning techniques to all participants. In addition, it has been explained that it is important for business projects to have a business resilience plan in order to reduce and minimize losses during a crisis or disruption and to avoid dangerous situations and to be able to recover quickly. The pilot has presented some tools to participant to do so.

According to RescEWE, having a resilience plan allows you to speed up decision-making, clarify responsibilities, have the flexibility to adapt quickly to change, financial savings, better manage of staff and operations, and improve company communication.

Over next weeks, the results of the surveys carried out and different feedbacks received will be analyzed with the aim to improve the developed materials.

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