Early Warning Europe establishes synergies in the Danube region

24 June 2019

Partners of Early Warning Europe attended the Thematic Capitalization Workshop organized by Danube Chance 2.0 project in Budapest, Hungary.

The Danube Chance 2.0 project is an initiative that embraces failure to facilitate second chance entrepreneurship in the Danube Region.

The event gathered experts from different European projects such as Danube Energy+Women in Business , REBORN Intereg Europe, RESTART and Restart+. All the initiatives were actively discussing the strategies and means for the prevention of failure and the promotion of second chance entrepreneurship. 

Early Warning Europe project was introduced to the participants as one of the good-practices supporting the second-chance entrepreneurship in Europe. Partners have presented the current achievements and future prospects for the project. 

The final goal of the visit to the Danube region was to explore and establish synergies between Early Warning Europe and different European initiatives supporting and encouraging the entrepreneurship, competitiveness and second chance for entrepreneurs. 

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