New Project Manager of Early Warning Europe

12 March 2018

Welcome to Morten

New Project Manager of Early Warning Europe

As of 1st March I have taken up the role as Project Manager of Early Warning Europe, and I am very much looking forward to the challenges and opportunities in the project. Above all, I am curious to exploit the potential of our international partnership and see if we can take the Early Warning system beyond the project stage.

I have been working in EU project cycle management from early intelligence through procurement and management to monitoring and evaluation for 14 years, and this has taken me around the world – from my native Denmark to many years living in Luxembourg, Spain, Brussels and a number of missions to Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and now I am back in Aarhus where it all started. Feel free to contact me for any questions about Early Warning Europe!

Kind regards

Morten Møller
Project manager

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