Panel debate on Early Warning Europe at III Spanish Entrepreneurship Forum

24 May 2018

On 28 and 29 May, Early Warning Europe partner ATA hosts its annual forum for entrepreneurs and self-employed workers in Madrid with opening speech by Prime Minister Mr Mariano Rajoy. Early Warning Europe is on the agenda as an example on how to address a key issue for the sector as a whole in Europe.

The forum will feature four panel debates, namely:

The future the entrepreneur in Europe, mechanisms for prevention of bankruptcy (EARLY WARNING) and second chance

The self-employed worker, present and future

The future of taxation for the self-employed and the end of commercial delinquency

The digital revolution of traditional business sectors

High-level panel members from the public and private sector, academic partners, sector organisations and invited international speakers will ensure a fruitful event for participants of all levels, sectors and interests.

The III Spanish Forum for Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Workers takes place at Hotel Meliá Castilla in Madrid on 28 and 29 May

The Forum is open to the public and only requires registration and proof of identity upon arrival.

Further information on programme and registration can be found via this link:

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