Early Warning Europe

Early Warning Europe provides free, impartial and confidential counselling to companies in distress

Why do we need to help companies in distress?

Each year more than 200.000 EU businesses are facing insolvency, and 1,7 million jobs are lost in the EU due to insolvency. Moreover, the risk of bankruptcy is what Europeans fear most about setting up a new business: 43% of Europeans would not start a business if it might fail compared with just 19% in the United States.

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Based on European Best Practice

Experience from Early Warning Denmark, TEAM U in Germany and Dyzo in Belgium show that free and impartial guidance for companies in distress has a positive impact - not only on the survival chances and financial performance of the companies, but also on society. The implementation of Early Warning mechanisms across Europe is based on European best practice, and will help save jobs, promote growth and improve public finances.  

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Latest News

On this webpage we continuously share the latest news for the Early Warning Europe project.

Team U, partner of Early Warning Europe Receives Award for Innovation in Business

05/07/2017 TEAM U, one of the partners of the COSME project Early Warning EU, has received the prestigious award “Deutschland – Land der Ideen”. It is awarded under the patronage of the German President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier to innovative companies and projects that contribute to sustainability of economy and society.
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Training session for the volunteers of Early Warning Europe, Italy

28/06/2017 On the 28th of June around 50 volunteers of Early Warning Europe in Italy had a full day of training.
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Poland is ready!

31/05/2017 From 23 May 2017, Polish entrepreneurs may receive support under the Early Warning project. In order to be well-prepared for that moment, mentors and consultants, who will soon begin working with entrepreneurs in distress, i.e. those concerned about the situation in their companies, met on 15-16 May 2017 in Poznań.
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