Training Session for Volunteer Mentors in Italy

27 November 2017

On 8th November Unione Industriale Torino had its second wave of training for volunteer mentors. The day was structured in a very similar way compared to the other training organised in May. UIT decided to have another training in order to allow every volunteer to receive some information.

The agenda included presentations from the EWE project manager, CERVED - a rating agency which taught how to read financial indicators, CEIP- the regional agency for internationalisation, two colleagues lawyers showing the new Italian reform on bankrupcy law, the tax agency, TEAM-U, a psycologist and a volunteer mentor who had just finished a first case.

Round 40 participants attended and were very satisfied because thery were both provided with practical pieces of information useful for their activities. On top of that psycological aspects of dealing with people in distress were addressed underlying that the projet is about businesses but especially about people.

Read more on the website of Unione Industriale de Torino here

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