Early Warning Europe Steering Committee

Managing body

The Board of Directors is the formal decision-making authority of the Network. It is appointed for a one-year duration at the General Assembly. The General Assembly is composed of the members’ representatives and meets once a year. The functions of the General Assembly are:

  • To plan the strategic direction and activities of the Network
  • To ensure the stable and secure operation of the Network
  • To approve and supervise the annual workplan, budget and membership fee
  • To review the progress of planned activities and approve proposed activities
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information on ongoing work or for planned network-related activities
  • To establish working groups
  • To approve the membership of organizations and natural persons.

Working groups are set up according to the identified needs as a dedicated forum for enhancing collaboration between members on substantive issues.

The working groups aim to facilitate the exchange of good practices, strengthen the dialogue and advocacy and continuously improve the conditions of the mentors, consultants and managers working in the field of Early Warning.