The ResC-EWE project

The ResC-EWE project plans to redesign entrepreneurship training and counselling in the European education and training system through changing paradigms and mindsets that failing is not a shame but can be an asset towards more sustainably growing economies. This will be achieved through the integration of risk awareness skills, key risk identification and mitigation strategies as well as knowledge to seek advice in the strong Early Warning Europe network and the wide European network of enterprise consultancies.

ResC-EWE project continues the mission of the EWE project to change mindsets in European entrepreneurship education, training, counselling, policies and in society to see failing not as a shame, but as an integral part of the life cycle of a company, i.e. something normal and possibly a necessity, as opposed to a taboo.

The work in the Early Warning Europe has demonstrated that ResC-EWE, risk prevention and early mitigation, is urgently needed in Europe to reduce the number of start-ups failing within the first years. Three of the participating countries - Spain, Poland and Greece are particularly affected by many insolvencies and bankruptcies. If the ResC-EWE interventions can reduce the failures of SMEs by only 1% in these countries within the life-time of the project, the project will already have achieved a considerable impact with great benefits for local, national and European economies and for the people involved.