Mission and objectives

The mission of the Early Warning Europe Network is to promote entrepreneurship, second chance and destigmatize failure. The Network aims to create awareness and facilitate the change of mindset on early warning, second chance and bankruptcy. To set out the direction of activities of the Network, three specific objectives are identified:

Objective 1: Raise awareness and disseminate good practices at all levels

The Early Warning Europe Network incentivizes European, national, regional, and local events to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge on Early Warning, second chance and bankruptcy.

Objective 2: Facilitate capacity building

The Early Warning Europe Network strengthens the capacity of Member States, candidate, and potential candidate countries to facilitate the establishment of Early Warning mechanisms to support entrepreneurs in difficulties.

Objective 3: Encourage networking and exchange of knowledge at European level

The Network organizes events at European level to gather experts from European countries, to foster community building, facilitate the exchange of knowledge and good practices between stakeholders and to discuss policy questions related to Early Warning, second chance and bankruptcy.