Scope /Results

ResC-EWE project will continue the mission of the EWE project to change mindsets in European entrepreneurship education, training, counselling, policies and in society to see failing not as a shame, but as an integral part of the life cycle of a company, i.e. something normal and possibly a necessity. And failing should be rather considered as a learning process and as an opportunity to fall forwards and rise up again, avoiding the mistakes of the past.

The ResC-EWE project will go one step further, not only helping companies in distress, but preventing failures in start-ups and SMEs and empowering entrepreneurs to anticipate, to recognise and to detect risks, to develop strong mitigation strategies, to press the emergency button and seek advice as early as possible, preventing damage to the local economies, creditors and the staff and their families involved.

And if risk mitigation strategies do not work, targeted counselling and training will be provided to encourage honourable entrepreneurs to design and create resilient and future-proof start-up.


  • Definition and mapping of the specific needs and the skills in each participating country to make start-ups and existing SMEs resilient and future-proof 
  • Development of a tool-kit with educational resources and guidelines for business counsellors, educational staff, VET/HEI students and entrepreneurs in SMEs 
  • Development and deliver demonstration courses: A MOOC for guidance and educational staff, a course adapted to the needs of several levels of students in participating countries, work-based learning courses and materials to be delivered to SMEs
  • Development of a guideline (policy communication and recommendations) for streamlining ResC-Ewe training into European entrepreneurship education, training and counselling systems.