Early Warning Europe partners celebrate achievements and look to the future

19/11/2019 The Final Conference of the Early Warning Europe project was held at the Residence Palace in Brussels on 14 November 2019 entitled 'Early Warning Europe: looking back, moving forward'. Read more

Mentors’ Day puts their contribution in the spotlight

17/10/2019 The Early Warning Europe project partners organised a 'Mentors’ Day' in Brussels on 10 October. This was an opportunity to discuss the achievements of the project, with a particular focus on the crucial role that Mentors play in providing advice and support to entrepreneurs. Read more

Final meeting of Expert Network focuses on psychological aspects

10/10/2019 The members of the Early Warning Europe Expert Network came together in Brussels on 10 October for their 12th and final meeting, which focused on the emotional and psychological aspects of insolvency and the mental health of entrepreneurs. Read more

Early Warning Europe represented at INSOL Europe Congress in Copenhagen

30/09/2019 The Early Warning Europe project was represented at the Annual Congress of INSOL Europe. Read more

Breakfast event on establishment of Early Warning tools in EU Member States

11/09/2019 The Early Warning Europe project partners organized a Breakfast Event in Brussels, where the officials from all of the EU Member States were invited to learn about the project and discuss how it is relevant to the implementation of Directive EU 2019/1023 on restructuring and insolvency, which refers explicitly to the need for “Early warning and access to information”. Read more

Expert Network shares knowledge on 'Giving honest entrepreneurs a second chance'

05/09/2019 The members of the Early Warning Europe Expert Network came together in Barcelona for their 11th meeting, which provided an opportunity to share knowledge about the importance of giving entrepreneurs a 'second chance' if their first business venture is not successful, and what different countries are already doing in this regard. Read more