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Early Warning Europe Mentor Academy (EWE Mentor Academy) focuses on improving the availability and the scope of services for companies in distress by mobilising experts and mentors across Europe, training them and ensuring expertise exchange, while at the same time linking them with other European networks providing services to SMEs.

The project has created a modular learning programme that can be used by business mentors working with companies in financial crisis and at other decisive moments of their lifecycle (e.g., transfer of business ownership). Successful programme participants will be able to act as trainers for other mentors in their respective countries using the elaborated learning programme.

On our Learning Programme page, your can find more information about content and timetables - and sign up for participation.

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The project will contribute to the dissemination and transfer of best practices in helping SMEs in distress, and will enhance the competences and skills of mentors. Would you like to meet our mentors? This video was recorded in the EWEMA´s first workshop, held in Barcelona

As businesses struggle, the Early Warning Europe Mentor Academy has been established to help train a network of mentors to support them. Check out our video to learn more

The Early Warning Europe Mentor Academy is an initiative of the European Union which designed the project “Improving the Availability and the Scope of Services for Companies in Financial Difficulties”. It is implemented by AARC Consultancy (Ireland), Erhvervshus Midtjylland (Denmark) and Fundacja Firmy Rodzinne (Poland).


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