Values and minimum standards

Any public, private or non-governmental organization wishing to become an Early Warning Europe operator must comply with the values and minimum standards of the Early Warning Europe Network.

The Network is based on the values of trust, confidentiality, and impartiality, always acting in the interest of companies and entrepreneurs in distress through free of charge, high-quality advice and support. We act in good faith in the best interest of the company, also when this means closing it, and we empower the companies to make the necessary changes, always with the entrepreneur as the person responsible.

The minimum standards for being an Early Warning Europe operator are: 

  • Impartiality: the operator must act solely in the interest of the entrepreneur
  • Confidentiality: the operator must respect confidential information entrusted by entrepreneurs
  • Free counselling: services to entrepreneurs are provided by the operator free of charge
  • Quality of service: the operator must provide advice using trained consultants and volunteers with relevant business experience and dynamic methods and a toolkit for an accurate and effective assistance process
  • Connectivity and coverage: the operator must have a real experience in fostering entrepreneurship and play a key role in relevant stakeholder network at local, regional or national level
  • Agility: the operator must respond swiftly, proactively and effectively to requests by companies in distress and changes of different kinds