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14 March 2019

Experts came together in Brussels to map further organisations taking care of preventive restructuring for entrepreneurs across Europe

Good practices were provided by Foundation Ondernemersklankbord, City of Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and House of Entrepreneurship (Luxembourg).

The discussion of the Expert Network Meeting revealed that for early warning mechanisms to be more effective, they should reach entrepreneurs as early as possible on the decline curve leading to bankruptcy.

Participants shared the view that for the sustainability of early warning initiatives the engagement of stakeholders surrounding entrepreneurs is essential.

Upcoming events:

Update on the Directive on Business Insolvency - 4 April 2019 | Brussels
Panel discussion on the Directive on Business Insolvency from the perspective of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Bankruptcy: indelible stigma vs. learning experience - 6 June 2019 | Brussels
Talking about the failure of entrepreneurs to break through the stigma associated with it and to embrace the lessons learned from it. 

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