Progress in the EWEMA Training Programme

22 September 2023

The first Course Run of the EWEMA Training Programme is progressing excellently. Two masterclasses were successfully conducted, and participants were impressed by the depth and currency of information presented.

Participants are actively engaging with the course and also at the masterclasses. Some participants have also volunteered to facilitate the masterclasses, which has spurred greater interaction in the entire class. The second half of the September course run will take place on the week starting 18 September.

These enticing masterclass topics are on the menu:

  • AI Tools and the Future by Prof. Dana T Redford
  • Business Modelling and Value Proposition by Evangelia Daratsanou 
  • Building Operational Resilience by Panagiotis Kotsios, PhD
  • Risk Identification, Risks and Crisis Management by Kalliopi Vasilaki 

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