ResC-EWE and MOOC webinar for our Eearly Warning Europe partners

28 February 2022

Last week we held a succefull workshop for our EWEU partners and introduced them to the ResC-EWE program and the idea and methodology behind MOOC.

The main focus of the webinar-workshop was resilience and rescue skills for SMEs. It was amazing to see how well the ResC-EWE toolkit and MOOC program was recieved by the participants.

Three of the main conclusions we made on the workshop:

  • The ResC-EWE tools and developed materials are preventive.
  • MOOC is a very important bridge between the knowledge about resilience and entrepreneurs, mentors and students.  
  • The ResC-EWE tools are very useful but should be combined with the experience and facilitating skills of the Mentors.

Interested in learning more about the MOOC?

Visit the learning platform here


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