ResC-EWE: EUIPO signs agreement with Early Warning Europe Network

24 February 2022

The EUIPO and Early Warning Europe sign a collaboration agreement to strengthen the support provided to the EU’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Early Warning Europe is a network organisation of 28 partners from several EU countries with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and SME growth across Europe. This implies providing advice and support to companies in distress by establishing early warning mechanisms across Europe, developing European best practice, and helping save jobs, promote growth and improve public finances. The network includes authorities, sector organisations, NGOs and private companies, united by the goal of improving the resilience of companies in crisis.

As a result of this agreement, Early Warning Europe will empower SMEs to protect their intellectual property (IP) and increase their resilience throughout their business growth process.

The EUIPO is the European agency responsible for managing the EU trade mark and the registered Community design, which are valid in all EU countries. The agreement will provide the EUIPO with access to Early Warning Europe’s members, SMEs and start-ups to promote IP rights protection and initiatives such as the SME Fund and Free IP support.

By working together, both organisations aim to support SMEs and the European economy, and raise awareness about the value of IP through joint webinars and the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

“The Early Warning Europe Network provides free impartial and confidential counselling to businesses in distress before it is too late. By cooperating with EUIPO, we can now strengthen our knowledge of IP issues for the benefit of SMEs across Europe. We can’t wait to get started!” says Morten Møller, Network Coordinator, Early Warning Europe.

"Congratulations to Early Warning Europe on joining our Ideas Powered for business network. Their knowledge and experience in supporting businesses in distress will be a definite asset to the SME programme. We are delighted to have them on board and look forward to working together," says Inge Buffolo, Customer Department Director, EUIPO.

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