ResC-EWE partners evaluate the project workshops

14 March 2022

This month we have held multiple meetings with all the partners of the ResC-EWE project in order to find out how each of the workshops that have been organized has done.

So far, we can conclude that the ResC-EWE tools related to business resilience have demonstrated to be very successful among different participants such as students, entrepreneurs, mentors and trainers.

As an example, in Finland more than 100 students from the University of Jyväskylä have participated in the project and it has been very well received. In Greece, on the other hand, the participants involved are expected to be multipliers so the existence of the ResC-EWE project will reach much more companies or even consultants.

We look forward to having all the data in order to be able to make a global assessment and continue working to build a shared mindset that business resilience is an integral part of the life cycle of entrepreneurs and SMEs.

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