Financing the growth: EWE in partnership with “Small Industry”

05/10/2018 Financing the growth: EWE in partnership with “Small Industry” in order to show credit possibilities and grants available for Small and Medium Enterprises. Read more

Early Warning Europe – this is how we do it in Poland!

02/10/2018 As a partner in the consortium, a target country, we try to get as much knowledge as possible from the mentor countries. Read more

Expert Network Meeting in Brussels

18/09/2018 In two weeks the upcoming expert network meeting will be held. Read more

The EW Europe Machine Learning tool is being tested

28/08/2018 The tool for identification of companies in distress based on big data is undergoing its final test before we roll it out Read more

Panel debate on Early Warning Europe at III Spanish Entrepreneurship Forum

24/05/2018 On 28 and 29 May, Early Warning Europe partner ATA hosts its annual forum for entrepreneurs and self-employed workers in Madrid with opening speech by Prime Minister Mr Mariano Rajoy. Early Warning Europe is on the agenda as an example on how to address a key issue for the sector as a whole in Europe. Read more

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