ResC-EWE: EUIPO signs agreement with Early Warning Europe Network

24/02/2022 The EUIPO and Early Warning Europe sign a collaboration agreement to strengthen the support provided to the EU’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Read more

ResC-EWE: Cecot, Spanish partner of the project, has organized its final workshop

22/02/2022 In January Cecot held the final workshop in Spain. All participants were very positive about the workshop and the ResC-EWE tools, which they found both valuable and useful for the operation of their companies in the future. Read more

ResC-EWE: First MOOC workshops kickstarted in Denmark

07/02/2022 Start February, twenty entrepreneurs, startups and mentors took part in first Danish MOOC workshops Read more

ResC-EWE: First workshop demonstrating the MOOC hosted in Poland

29/10/2021 Over the course of the event, 6 groups of entrepreneurs and mentors were working with the use of the new tools and giving feedback. A second and third workshop will be held in november Read more

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