Learning Programme

The EWEMA Learning Programme has been designed for mentors looking to extend their knowledge and understanding of the key issues being faced by SMEs at risk of failure. The programme targets those who operate in the EU and in COSME states.

Programme structure

The Learning Programme consists of an online Course and facilitated Masterclasses. The main focus of the programme is Mentoring for Business Success: Helping Companies at Risk of Failure. The course covers four core modules:

Module 1: Mentoring & Engagement
About: Reflection and observation
Approach: Encourage engagement with the mentee; allow them to reflect. Provide feedback and guidance.

Module 2: Problem Analysis & Managing Change
About: Abstract conceptualisation
Approach: Analyse and conceptualise what is needed in order to develop a deeper understanding of the underlying issues using the concepts of Early Warning Mentoring.

Module 3: Future Planning & Resilience
About: Active experimentation
Approach: Apply what they learnt to new situations and help entrepreneurs plan for future challenges.

Module 4: Readiness to Mentor
About: Concrete experiences
Approach: Time to get hands-on experiences and investigate the information needed to lay a strong foundation for their future mentoring opportunities.

Each module is built upon detailed learning steps, supported by a variety of practical resources and references.

Organisation of the Programme

The EWEMA Learning Programme will be organised in the form of 6 repeated Course Runs (R1-R6). Each course run will cover the same learning content. A course run constitutes two parts:

  1. Individual, self-paced study of the learning programme modules. This part will not be facilitated, group work. The programme will be accessible and available online on the EWEMA Learning Management System (LMS). See the Timetable below.
  2. Four online Masterclasses held on four different weekdays during the same 2-week period as the self-paced learning. These Masterclasses are 1-hour facilitated group sessions. See the Timetable below.


Register for one of the course runs below

The timetable of the EWEMA Learning Programme is as follows. 

  • R1: September 2023 Masterclasses on 11, 13, 18, and 20 September (registration closed)
  • R2: October 2023 Masterclasses on 17, 19, and 31 October plus 2 November (registration closed)
  • R3: January 2024 Masterclasses on 22, 24, 29, and 31 January (registration closed)
  • R4: February 2024 Masterclasses on 19, 21, 26 and 28 February (registration closed)
  • R5: April 2024 Masterclasses on 15, 17, 22, and 24 April (registration closed)
  • R6: June 2024 Masterclasses on 17, 19, 24, and 26 June (registration closed)

Please note: The six exclusive course runs of the EWEMA Learning Programme have been concluded. Anyone interested in taking the online course of the EWEMA Learning Programme should note that it will be publicly accessible on the EU Academy platform in the near future. Watch this space for updates about how and when to access it.


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