General Objectives

  • To introduce mentors to the objectives of the EWEMA initiative
  • To introduce to peer learning methods
  • To test methodologies that will enable effective training of new mentors 


Schedule of Workshops

The upcoming series of EWEMA peer-learning workshops in 2023 will be held online. Further details and links to registration will be shared via email with pre-selected EWEMA mentors.

Workshop 8
Theme: Green transition
Date: Day 1 - 21 of November 2023                        Time: 16:00 - 18:00 CET
Date: Day 2 - 23 of November 2023                       Time: 16:00 - 18:00 CET

Workshop 9 (in 2024)
Theme: Validation of recommendations
Date: To be confirmed (TBC)
Time: TBC
Venue: TBC

Previous workshops

Workshop 1 (26 & 27 Oct 2022)
Best practices and innovative methods in mentoring and training future mentors was the focal point when the Early Warning Europe Mentor Academy met in Barcelona. Read all about it here

Workshop 2 (22 & 24 Nov 2022)
This workshop was held online for the first time. The offer on the menu was resplendent and varied. The topics helped to reinforce the vital soft skills of business mentors in early warning.
1. Understanding the Role of the Mentor.
2. The Matchmaking Process.
3. The Meaning of Cooperation Agreements and Code of Ethics.
4. Building Trust.
5. The Economic Context - the macroeconomy in Europe.
6. Sales and Marketing Case Study, Diagnosis Interviews.
7. Understanding National Differences.

Workshop 3 (17 & 19 Jan 2023)
Financial diagnosis was the main focus of the third workshop of the EWEMA that took place on 17 and 19 January, 2023. For those who missed it, and for those who wish to relive that incredibly enriching experience over again, you can read more about it here

Workshop 4 (7 & 9 Feb 2023)
Our 4th workshop considered how a mentor can help a struggling entrepreneur deal with psychological as well as how to work with a mentee who needs to learn to take care of themselves, how to listen actively and empower the mentee to take charge. Read more here 

Workshop 5 (7 & 9 Mar 2023)
The fifth EWEMA workshop covered effective group supervision techniques, business trends and their impact on the economy, market, and brands. Mentors learnt how to map challenges and future changes relevant to entrepreneurs, best practices in supervision, moderating, and mentor networking meetings. Gain extra insight here

Workshop 6 (23 and 25 of May 2023)
The topics addressed were Family business succession, Business transfer, and Valuation. The turnout was amazing with over 100 participants from all over Europe. Watch a concise testimonial from three different participants here
Learn more about Workshop 6 here

Library of Workshop Learning Materials

Presentations (pending)

Handouts (pending)


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