ResC-EWE got a new corporate video

29/03/2022 We are happy to present a new corporate video for our ResC-EWE project. Read more

ResC-EWE: We are ready for the final event for all project partners

17/03/2022 On March 30, 2022, the final event of the Resilience and Rescue for SME´s strengthening Early Warning Europe (ResC-EWE) will take place in Barcelona. All our project partners are invited. Read more

EWEU Network General Assembly is coming up

16/03/2022 On March 30, 2022, we are hosting the Early Warning Europe Network General Assembly in Barcelona for all collaborating organisations. Read more

ResC-EWE partners evaluate the project workshops

14/03/2022 This month we have held multiple meetings with all the partners of the ResC-EWE project in order to find out how each of the workshops that have been organized has done. Read more

Barcelona will be hosting the final event of the ResC-EWE project

07/03/2022 On March 30, 2022, Barcelona will be hosting the final event of the ResC-EWE program. Cecot, the Spanish partner of the project, is already finalizing all the details to succeed in this event. Read more

ResC-EWE and MOOC webinar for our Eearly Warning Europe partners

28/02/2022 Last week we held a succefull workshop for our EWEU partners and introduced them to the ResC-EWE program and the idea and methodology behind MOOC. Read more

ResC-EWE: EUIPO signs agreement with Early Warning Europe Network

24/02/2022 The EUIPO and Early Warning Europe sign a collaboration agreement to strengthen the support provided to the EU’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Read more

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